Official Announcement

On behalf of the founder majority of KinStrata:

As of June 27th, 2023, the two female founders, as the founder majority, are reassembling after dissolving the initial partner agreement as the other founder was found in violation of the Agreement 11 times, including hostile takeover, creating a toxic environment within the team, harassment and ultimately blocking the other founders [incl the artist who owns the copyright for all artwork] from accessing the collection, other platforms and vital information.

The offending founder has been removed after given appropriate time [30 days according to the agreement] to remedy but refused to do so.

The Assets are now back in the hands of the remaining founders, i e those who created them, and a new team where every member is treated fairly and enjoys the same privileges as the founders themselves. From the 27th of June, KS ceases to exist in its previous form.

Sometimes, dear friends, one has to kill something in order to save it. However painful, it’s the best thing for this amazing first of its kind body of work. Those who bought a KS nft will be airdropped an nft from one of our new collections when released (coming soon).

[P.S. The person in question is still committing copyright violations left and right.]